How can I exchange my NoNetz?


Please visit our Returns Center to start your exchange. Enter your order number and your email. In the notes section, tell us what NoNetz you want us to send you. We will send out your exchange within 24 hours of receiving your item.

If the system displays an error, saying it can't find your order number, no worries. This means there is no email associated with your order. That freaks out the Return System. To remedy, please Contact Us to provide your order number and email. We will edit your order and the Returns System will smile.

Note: if you wish to exchange a boy's suit for a men's suit, there is a price difference. Since we don't keep your credit card on file , here's what you will need to do. Place an order for your men's NoNetz. In the notes section of the Returns System, tell us your new order number and indicate your (boys) return is both a refund AND an exchange. We will refund your boy's suit but will not charge you a restocking fee.

Easy right?